Workers at LT Services, a building services contractor to Montgomery County, recently won their bid for union representation with a resounding “Yes” vote, electing Local 1994 as their collective bargaining representative.

“Yaaay! Ganamos gracias a dios ahora tenga el derecho de negociar por un contrato para un mejor futuro. Bien venido a la Unión!,” said LT Services organizing leader, Cristela Noemi Gomez, celebrating the victory.

| “Yayaya!!! We won. Thank God, we now have the chance to negotiate a contract for a better future. We welcome the union!” |

“I’m proud of my crew, International staff and the LT workers for a great organizing victory,” said Local 1994 President Gino Renne. “Welcome to the Local 1994 family, LT. We are privileged to have you.”

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