Questions on Governor’s latest orders and your job (Covid-19 Update April 1, 2020)

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On Monday evening, Governor Hogan issued a directive about sheltering-in-place. The directive has generated a number of questions among our members. We will try to answer the questions below.

  • Why am I considered an essential employee now when I’m not considered one during a weather emergency? 
    How your employer and your union contract classifies an essential employee is not the same as the way the Governor is classifying essential employees. Unless specifically advised otherwise, government employees (federal, state, county & municipal) are considered essential.

  • How come Park and Planning and HOC are still open? Didn’t the Governor’s directive close us?
    No. The Governor’s order allows those decisions to be made by local agencies and commissions.

  • Do I have to stay indoors all the time?
    No. You are allowed to go outside and get some exercise.

  • Are they going to stop me when I am driving or commuting to work?
    Montgomery County employees: An employee heading to a worksite should present a Montgomery County ID if necessary.
    HOC employees: here’s a link to request a letter for commuting,

    M-NCPPC employees:  Management will be sending out a letter to the essential employees for travel to work purposes.


Your union has been working diligently on reducing your exposure and defining what constitutes “front-line” employees with your employers. We are in daily talks with your employers and have worked on Memoranda of Agreement with each of them. When we have fully written and agreed upon language that impacts you, we will be in touch. Please update your information for texting by going to:

As alway, ff you have any pressing needs, please contact your field representative (see emails below) or the office.

Thank you for your support and solidarity in this strange and confusing time. Stay safe, healthy and be gentle with one another!

In Solidarity,

Gino Renne

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