PGCMLS Covid 19 Agreement Reached

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Local 1994 has reached an agreement with the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System on how to reward its onsite employees working during the Covid-19 emergency.

For the period of March 29, 2020 through June 30, 2020, employees will be paid a $3.00 per hour COVID-19 differential for each hour of approved onsite* work performed.

Telework: The Parties agree that Telework is mandatory for work that can be performed remotely and COVID-19 differential pay will not be paid for any work that can be performed by telework or to any employee on paid administrative leave

Employees directed to perform work onsite will receive the appropriate COVID-19 differential as defined in this agreement for the entire duration of that assignment.

* Onsite work: work that cannot be performed by telework and does not involve regular physical interaction with the public, such as Building and Grounds/Maintenance. The Library does not anticipate that any bargaining unit employees will be called upon to perform work involving physical interaction with the public during the current extended period of closure of the Library.

This agreement ends on June 30. However, if the declared Maryland state emergency is rescinded before June 30, the agreement will end on the day of the rescission.

This agreement is designed to protect you and your family and reduce risks as best we can. For those whose jobs require some exposure, the agreement is our attempt to adequately and appropriately reward you for the higher risks you are taking.

Thank you for your patience during these negotiations. Stay healthy and look out for each other. We will get through this together.


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