MNCPPC Phase In Process

After negotiations we have come to an agreement with MNCPPC on the Phase-In process. The previous COVID Memorandum of Agreemet ended on June 30. This new agreement extends through August 8.

You can check out the link, but here are a few of the important points:

The transition to the next phase is postponed from July 10 to August 8.You will be receiving one day paid administrative leave per weekAnyone called back on those days will receive overtime.Social Distancing MUST be observed.

As we deal with this pandemic, the Union’s biggest concern is making sure that budget cuts don’t results in health care cuts, and that moving back to full strength doesn’t put members in danger. If the Commission wants members back on site, they need to respect your rights to a safe worksite. If you see something say something. 

MNCPPC_MCGEO MOA COVID-19 7_10_2020 Fully Executed Size: 2.12 mb Format : PDF Preview

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ABS Testing

The County initiated a COVID-19 testing plan that is being rolled out to ABS beginning on July 9, and at 2-week intervals until further notice. These self-administered saliva tests will be available at the office, warehouse and our 26 retail stores. The test detects active COVID-19 virus and does not identify antibodies. This effort will help identify employees that are asymptomatic and is designed to provide additional peace of mind for employees working onsite. Employees are not mandated to complete testing but are strongly encouraged to do so.  


Wholesale Operations & Office employees will first be tested on Thursday, July 9.  After that, testing will be every other Tuesday beginning July 28.

Retail employees will begin testing on Monday, July 13, and continue to test every other Monday.


Complete DHHS Consent, Privacy & HIPAA disclosures are required prior to FIRST test at: DHHS Consent Form .  DHHS will send a copy of the signed consent form to the email address entered.

Registration with AdvaGenix is required before EACH test. 1) Under insurance, select “other” and type Montgomery County Government. 2) Upon registration, your unique barcode will be emailed to you for scanning. You can also write the confirmation number down. Register here: AdvaGenix Registration  


For accurate testing, do not eat or drink for 30 minutes prior to taking the test.  To help during the testing, it is highly recommended that you are well hydrated.For the initial test on July 9, Wholesale Operations & Office employees report to the Retail Training Room between 12:30 – 7:30, bringing your unique bar code. There will be assistance from the COVID-19 testing project team. Site Coordinators must check in for a quick overview on how to support testing going forward. For tests beginning Tuesday, July 28, Wholesale Operations employees will work through your designated Site Coordinator, and Office employees will self-administer in the Retail Training Room.For Retail employees, check in with your Store Manager/Site Coordinator for all testing beginning on Monday, July 13.   


Is testing mandatory? No. Testing is strongly encouraged, noting that full participation is the most effective method of controlling the spread of the virusWill the employee’s department be notified upon results of either negative or positive?  No. Employee should follow OMS guidance and contact his or her direct supervisor/manager if the result is positive.Will County employees who are benefits eligible be required to provide insurance information?  Montgomery County benefits eligible employees should NOT submit any insurance information as part of this process.  In the insurance section of the registration process the employee should indicate “Montgomery County Government”. This includes employees that are eligible to participate in the County’s programs but have chosen not to because they have other coverage elsewhere or have declined coverage.Is there verification that DNA acquired from the test will not be analyzed or stored for other purposes? Yes. The County, having met with MCGEO, IAFF, and FOP, sought and received a contract amendment with the lab to clearly delineate testing limits which terms had not been explicitly stated. Samples will be maintained in accordance with governing regulations. Samples will only be used:To determine a positive or negative test for Covid-19 and,Possible determination of specific strains of the Covid-19 virus with the express affirmative consent of the employee. On the packaging of the collection kit, the language “Intended Use: For the collection and stabilization of RNA from human saliva samples.” is stated, why does it say this? The test is being performed under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA, which calls for/allows for the use of the collection method. Based on the specific definition, will there be any genetic testing, and will the contracted lab maintain the data for a specific period?  Samples will be maintained in accordance with governing regulations. Samples will only we used to determine a positive or negative test for Covid-19 and possible determination of specific strains of the Covid-19 virus.  Data will be stored in accordance with governing regulations.What are the actual security parameters around the “portal” including on the transmission end and the data storage end for employee information?  The portal is Certified HIPAA compliant.

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PGCMLS Phased Reopening Plan

Below is the draft plan for the reopening of the library system. Please look it over before the zoom meeting on Tuesday.

PGCMLS.Phased Reopening.DRAFT.06172020 (002) Size: 12.38 mb Format : PDF Preview

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Montgomery County Rec Department Covid-19 Reopening Documents

Montgomery County Rec and Parks Department pdf REC Aquatics Safety Handout Size : 685.64 kb Hits : 6 Date added : 06-26-2020 Date modified : 06-26-2020 Download Preview pdf final - Summer Camp MCGEO Followup 6.17.2020 (002) Size : 68.89 kb Hits : 22 Date added : 06-26-2020 Date modified : 06-26-2020 Download Preview pdf final - Aquatics MCGEO Followup 6-17-2020 Size : 35.61 kb Hits : 8 Date added : 06-26-2020 Date modified : 06-26-2020 Download Preview pdf COVID-19 DIRECTIVES GUIDANCE for DAY CAMP Size : 3.61 mb Hits : 16 Date added : 06-26-2020 Date modified : 06-26-2020 Download Preview pdf Cleaning and Disinfecting Community Facilities Size : 49.66 kb Hits : 13 Date added : 06-26-2020 Date modified : 06-26-2020 Download Preview pdf Aquatics Reopen Plan 2020 - COVID-19 Size : 269.20 kb Hits : 11 Date added : 06-26-2020 Date modified : 06-26-2020 Download Preview

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