ECC Survey

We received some feedback from the bargaining surveys that were sent out last year and, in an effort, to determine the need/desire for some of the responses please complete the following survey regarding sleeping quarters and uniforms. Please complete this survey by June 2, 2023. The Union will be reviewing your responses and addressing them at our next LMRC meeting in June.

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M-NCPPC Career Advancement


“Maximize Your Career Potential at the Commission

”Program Purpose

To provide high-potential employees with an opportunity to learn key skills that can help them to maximize their career growth at the Commission.

Program Description The M-NCPPC Professional Development Program is designed for high-potential employees interested in further developing their capabilities to maximize their career growth. The program’s goals include expanding participant knowledge of the Commission’s strategic objectives, enhancing their skill set in key areas of business management, customer service, leadership, etc., and helping to prepare them for additional opportunities in the future. The Professional Development Program requires an 8-month commitment from the participants, including attending seven virtual training classes (2 hours each) and participating in monthly hour-long mentoring conversations with a senior leader. Specific skills to be focused on in the program will include: 

•Emotional Intelligence skills such as managing emotions during interactions, etc.

•Business skills such as how to analyze data, etc.

•Financial management skills such as budgeting, etc.

•Customer service skills such as identifying customer needs, etc.

•Cultural competency skills such as being respectful of cultural differences when communicating, etc.

•Leadership skills such as how to motivate employees, etc.

MNCPPC Career Advancement MNCPPC Career Advancement Download 2023-Professional Development Program Application818.52 KB57 DownloadPreview 2023-Professional Development Program - Fact Sheet233.11 KB63 DownloadPreview 2023-Advanced Leadership Development Program Application853.08 KB56 DownloadPreview 2023-Advanced Leadership Development Program - Fact Sheet235.48 KB38 DownloadPreview

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