After more than two weeks of often contentious negotiations, a lot of hard work and unwavering solidarity between our three county unions (IAFF, FOP and MCGEO), we have reached an agreement with Montgomery County on how to proceed during these perilous times. From the outset of these negotiations, the leadership of these three unions agreed and insisted that all our members exposed to risks associated with Covid-19 be treated equally. We are all in this together, and this agreement reflects everyone’s commitment to that ideal.

The agreement includes:

  • Forty (40) hours of comp leave to members who were required to work onsite, whether front facing or back office, during the initial shutdown week (March 22-28, 2020).
  • A $10 per hour differential for employees required to work front facing* onsite work.
  • A $3 per hour differential for employees required to work back office** onsite work.
  • Telework or administrative leave for employees for whom exposure would be dangerous to themselves or a vulnerable family member or for an employee who is required to quarantine or isolate.
  • Mandatory telework for all other employees (if no work available, people will be on paid administrative leave)

*Front Facing Onsite work: work that cannot be performed by telework that involves physical interaction with the public and cannot be performed with appropriate social distancing.

**Back Office Onsite work: work performed at a County worksite that cannot be performed by telework and does not involve regular physical interaction with the public.

This deal is valid from March 29 and ends on June 20. However, if the declared Maryland state emergency is rescinded before June 20, the agreement will end on the day of the rescission. If the emergency persists past June 20, the agreement will continue unless modified through negotiations with the three unions.

This agreement is designed to protect you and your family and reduce risks as best we can. For those whose jobs require exposure to the public, the agreement is our attempt to adequately and appropriately reward you for the higher risks you are taking. I encourage you to download a copy of it for yourself.

Thank you for your patience during these negotiations. Stay healthy and look out for each other. We will get through this together.