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As anticipated, because of the unexpected revenue shortfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Montgomery County Council voted today to send us (along with FOP and IAFF) back to the bargaining table. Under Montgomery County’s collective bargaining law, the Council must appoint a representative to meet with the involved parties to present the Council’s view on further negotiations between the County Executive and our unions.

The economic package that we negotiated this winter will change. We have to postpone ratification of the new contract until this process is completed.

We are committed to maintaining the structure of the agreement. We’ll send updates as warranted, but you can always reach out to us if you have pressing questions.

We are in an unprecedented crisis. We came to the table to work with the County to be part of a solution to anticipated budget shortfalls.

We remain optimistic that we can find an agreement that recognizes the new economic reality but also prioritizes employees who continue to deliver vital services on the frontlines. However, if the Council decides that scoring political points is more important than doing right by employees than we need to be prepared to fight.

In readying ourselves for a possible fight, we are trying to be agile in our communications, and reach you on as many planes as possible. If you have not been receiving personal texts or text blasts from Local 1994 field representatives, please visit to add your cell phone number to our text list.

I also urge you to add your personal email address into the form, so we can reach you outside the Montgomery County email system.

Stay healthy and safe, and look out for one another.

In Solidarity,
Gino Renne

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