M-NCPPC Unfair Labor Practice on Covid and Work Locations

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MNCPPC Members –

The Union is currently working diligently and tirelessly to rectify the actions taken by the Maryland National Park and Planning Commission as it relates to COVID-19 vaccinations.  Your Union understands and appreciates that this has been a frustrating situation for all employees involved.  The Union’s position is that the Commission acted outside of its authority when it altered employee work locations based on COVID-19 vaccination status.  In turn, the Union filed an unfair labor practice charge against the Commission and a hearing was held on Monday, November 15th.  We are awaiting the outcome of that charge and when we receive that information, we will be sure to share it with the membership.

Additionally, the Union is still bargaining this matter with the Commission.

Feel free to reach out to the Union office to address any further  questions, comments or concerns 301-977-2447.

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