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After negotiations we have come to an agreement with MNCPPC on the Phase-In process. The previous COVID Memorandum of Agreemet ended on June 30. This new agreement extends through August 8.

You can check out the link, but here are a few of the important points:

  • The transition to the next phase is postponed from July 10 to August 8.
  • You will be receiving one day paid administrative leave per week
  • Anyone called back on those days will receive overtime.
  • Social Distancing MUST be observed.

As we deal with this pandemic, the Union’s biggest concern is making sure that budget cuts don’t results in health care cuts, and that moving back to full strength doesn’t put members in danger. If the Commission wants members back on site, they need to respect your rights to a safe worksite. If you see something say something. 

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