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We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. Most of you were surprised last Sunday evening when you were suddenly told to report to work on Monday for a five day work week. That decision was made by MNCPPC Executive Director Asuntha Chiang-Smith.

Over the weekend, we came to an agreement with the Commission for the month of September.
Members will receive a four day work week from September 13-19. The week after, MCGEO will return to the bargaining table to negotiate an agreement for October. On the week of September 21-25, members will expected to work a five day work week. The details of the agreement are in the attachment below.

On September 21, we return to the table. MNCPPC has moved to a full work schedule, but no one needs to be told about the uncertainties that fall will bring. MCGEO will continue to monitor and demand that members’ safety and health be the top priority in any decision as we have been doing since March. In tough negotiations your Union has pushed for schedule changes, hazard pay, and comp time. As we move into the fall months, we will continue to meet those challenges.

Any questions can be directed to your field representative John Barry at 202-251-0865 or to the Union office at 301-977-2447.

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