Members at Ride-On Win Grievances

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A member at Ride-On was issued a 10 day suspension for allegedly operating his bus while wearing ear buds – FIVE MONTHS AFTER THE ALLEGED INCIDENT.
The bus operator was made whole after Local 1994 filed a grievance on the member’s behalf.

In July 2017, Bus Operator Euda Suarez was terminated for alleged violations of the Ride-On attendance policy. On May 18, 2018, the Union argued that attendance violations were due to an injury that was sustained on the job and that the absences should have been covered under workers’ compensation. The union prevailed and Ms. Suarez was reinstated as a Ride-On Bus Operator.

In April, Bus Operator Eze Iheme received an email alerting him that the initial determination of a non-preventable issued by the Department of Transportation for an accident he had in March of 2018 was being reversed. The reversal would mean that now Mr. Iheme would be held liable and face possible disciplinary action. On May, 22, 2018, in a grievance step II hearing, the union argued that the Department was in violation of the Accident/Incident review procedure and that the policy does not allow for the Department to reverse an initial determination. Mr. Iheme won his grievance and the Department agreed to make Mr. Iheme whole.

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