Field Representative/Organizer Gabriel Acevero was shocked when he learned that Local 1994 members working for the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System were victimized when a PG County human resources employee fell for a phishing scam and released their personal information, including their social security numbers and W2 information to an identity thief.
“I couldn’t believe that an HR employee would release information via email that was that detailed without checking with a supervisor first,” said Acevero. “But we had to deal with the event’s aftermath, more importantly, to protect our members.”

Acevero and the Union asked the County to provide credit monitoring and protection to affected employees but the County was hesitant in how much it would cover. It wasn’t until some of the members and Local 1994 President Gino Renne pleaded for help from the PGCMLS Board of Trustees that the members were given satisfactory credit monitoring coverage.

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