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Shop Steward Clint Sobratti from Ride-On Embraces Leadership Roles

Local 1994 Shop Steward and Ride-On Employee Clint Sobratti

Local 1994 member Clint Sobratti’s impressive list of accomplishments keeps growing with his recent installment as a member of Progressive Maryland’s 2020 Leadership Institute Cohort.   Clint has worked for the Montgomery County Department of Transportation’s Ride-On division for the past nine and half years. He’s a shop steward for Local 1994 and in that role, Clint assists fellow employees in understanding the union’s contracts.   When asked why he wanted to participate in the cohort, Clint said, “I wanted to learn more and I wanted to be a part of a group like Progressive Maryland, that wants to shape the world into how I believe a country and state should be run.”

Clint served on MCGEO’s Bargaining Committee team. He knows how to advocate for better working conditions including the need for adequate amounts of PPE during the pandemic as well as for core member needs like higher wages, lower medical costs, and sustainable retirement plans.   Clint is also very committed to environmental justice and the need to address climate change. He serves on the Montgomery County Sierra Club’s Executive Committee and was involved in some of the Fire Drill Friday events led by Jane Fonda in 2019 and 2020.   Clint was a candidate for State Delegate in District 39 in 2018. He grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands but moved to this area around 15 years ago. He lives in Montgomery Village.   

HHS Crisis Center Employee Audra Dugue Telling Her Story as Frontline Worker During This Pandemic

Local 1994 Shop Steward and HHS Crisis Center Employee Audra Dugue

Join Audra Dugue and other front line workers Thursday, August 6 at 7pm as they tell their stories of the being on the frontlines in the workforce during the Covid-19 Pandemic.   Sponsored by the Montgomery County Democratic Party Labor Advisory Committee, the virtual event (Zoom call) will also have Maryland Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen, along with Representatives Jamie Raskin, John Sarbanes, and David Trone on the Heroes Act. Virginia Representative Bobby Scott, chair of the Committee on Education and Labor, briefing callers on the Heroes Act.   Everyone may join the call, but you must RSVP to attend: Bit.ly/Heroes0806

August 6 | 7-8:30 pm
Hearing from our Heroes: Frontline Workers Tell their Stories


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