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MCGEO and OHR are seeking a Light Duty Review Committee representative from the Department of Health and Human Services to serve on our Light Duty Review Committee.

Light duty is defined as temporary work that is less vigorous and physical than the work the employee performed before the illness or injury. Light duty under this section shall be limited to one instance per injury.

The task of the Committee is to assist Montgomery County employees in finding Light Duty Assignments for temporary employment in other departments when light duty positions are not available within their department. The Light Duty Review Committee will identify temporary light duty tasks in other departments within 10 working days. The employee remains on the payroll of the department to which he/she was originally assigned.

Recommendations made by the Committee are sent to the Chief Administrative Officer or assigned designee for approval. Once approved the employee must meet with the Employee Medical Examiner at lease once a month.

The Committee will consist of three bargaining unit employees and three management representatives. Union representatives will consist of one from the Service Labor and Trade (SLT) Unit, and one from the Office Professional and Technical (OPT) Unit and one at-large member.

The Light Duty Review Committee member will be granted administrative leave to attend meetings.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please send an email to S/T Cuffie at with “Light Duty Review Committee” in the subject line.

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