Montgomery County Members Overwhelmingly Ratify New Agreement

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Montgomery County members: Congratulations – you have ratified your new agreement

We’re excited to announce that you and your coworkers have overwhelmingly ratified your new agreement with Montgomery County. The vote was 1534 votes to accept and 12 to reject.

This was a historic vote – with a great turnout and participation in the ratification. It does not go unnoticed by your employers the faith you have in your union. That amazing support translates itself into strong collective bargaining agreements like this one, which will increase your family’s financial health along with providing enhanced retirement benefits and stronger workplace protections.

Make no mistake, YOU and your coworkers are what makes this union so effective at the bargaining table. So many of you show up every time we ask and provide us with the solid foundation to go to the bargaining table and make sure you get the best contract we can negotiate.

But as you well know, ratification is just one more step in this process. We still have to turn our attention to getting this contract funded by the County Council. So the focus must switch from bargaining to politics. And we must call on YOU and YOUR COWORKERS TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELVES AND YOUR FAMILIES AND DEMAND THAT THE COUNCIL FUND THE CONTRACT THAT YOU NEGOTIATED.

On April 13, we must pack the County Council’s first hearing on the budget where the Council will consider revenue enhancement measures that will help fund our agreement. We are working with all six unions that represent County workers in a united front, asking the Council to fund everyone’s agreements. We need to secure six votes from the Council. The majority of the Council has not been through this process before so our strong showing at the hearing can really have an impact. Will you join us?

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