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The Governor’s recent announcement lifting Maryland’s mask mandates and removing restrictions on indoor and outdoor venues means that Maryland is reopening. We can anticipate all of our employers are going to be resuming normal operations very soon.

Once the state of emergency is lifted, many of our memoranda outlining your workplace protections and benefits under the Covid State of Emergency will no longer be valid. If your employer wants you to return to in-person employment (if you’ve been working from home), you will have to return to in-person employment. If you’ve been working under a modified schedule, it will likely change soon. 

The lifting of restrictions also means that if you have childcare or adult care issues or other health needs that must be addressed before you return, you will need to do so quickly. It is important that you understand that certain issues addressed in the Covid MOUs for our various employers were contingent on being under a state of emergency. The lifting of the state of emergency means that those agreements are no longer in effect. 

We will continue to address safety and health concerns related to covid through the respective provisions in our contracts. Any questions can be answered by your shop stewards or field representatives. You can call the office at 301-977-2447 or send an email to your field rep listed below. 

Take care of one another, try to stay healthy and get vaccinated if you can.

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