Please read carefully!

As a result of the Dec. 7 “emergency schedule meeting”, the December 9, 2021, pick will be rescheduled at a later date. During the meeting, concerns were raised in regards to how many rotations should be selected for the 2022 schedule pick. Based upon this discussion, we agreed that the membership would be given the opportunity to vote on the options presented below. In order to ensure there is clarity about these options, please ensure that you carefully read the following:

During the time that either of the schedule choices will be in effect, your Union and The Department will be negotiating a new crisis center schedule using the Interest Based Bargaining model (IBB.) If you select the “one rotation” option, and a final schedule using the  IBB model is not completed by the end of first rotation period (end of April), then we will re-evaluate as a unit, how to proceed with the schedule. In the event that you select the “three rotation” option, and a schedule is finalized using the IBB model by the end of the first rotation,  it is almost certain that the second (2) and third (3rd) rotation will not go into effect.

Lastly, either option will be put into effect approximately thirty (30) days after the pick. In that interim period, employees will continue working their shift assignment.

Please complete this survey/poll no later than 12 AM on Monday, December 13th.