Local 1994 Reaches Agreement on Phased Reopening of PG Library System

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Local 1994 has reached an agreement with the Prince Georges County Memorial Library System on the phased reopening of the County libraries. The agreement lays out schedules and pay differentials under the first two phases.

Below is the new memo of understanding signed by MCGEO and PGCMLS, covering the conditions of employment during COVID. It is expected to be approved by the Library’s Board of Trustees Thursday at their zoom meeting. Here are some highlights:

  • Administrative Leave for High Risk employees.
  • A Joint Health and Safety Committee to monitor safety conditions during the COVID pandemic.
  • Pay Differentials and Supplemental Leave for onsite work
  • Carryover of Annual Leave for all employees.

You are invited to attend the Board meeting on Zoom Thursday, Sept. 17 @ 7pm. [https://marylandlibraries.zoom.us/j/95932868831?pwd=RTh2bkZQNjhXS1l4ZDdUVSswaEFxUT09].

[wpfd_single_file id=”1765610″ catid=”24″ name=”PGCMLS Covid Agreement 09_2020″]

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