Last week you should have received an email from with a subject line entitled: “CEX – Cost Efficiency Employee Survey.” Please know that if you did receive this email, it is not a spam message, or a phishing scam. Conversely, the link in question is from the firm Matrix Consulting Group, who have been tasked by your Union and the County government with providing an analysis and report in relation to our collectively bargained “Cost Efficiency Study Group.”

The purpose of this study group is to evaluate the service delivery model of your respective departments/agencies in order to identify if there are changes/modifications that can be made to these areas to better improve operations i.e. instituting new technology, changing processes, adjusting staffing levels, etc. It is imperative that Matrix Consulting Group hears from you directly about ways in which your particular service area could be adjusted in this way, as you are the ones who are tasked with directly providing these services to the residents of this County (and are ultimately the “Subject Matter Experts.”) In completing these surveys, please ensure that you speak freely, and give your honest feedback and suggestions. The responses you provide will in no way be shared with anyone in your management structure, or within County government.

If you haven’t already, please take the time to complete this survey. Please only complete the survey one time. Additionally, if you have any further questions or concerns, contact Ryan Conlon at the union office at (301)-977-2447.

In Solidarity,