Canvassers Honored at Shop Stewards Seminar

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For the weeks leading up to the primary election, teams of Local 1994 members ventured out to knock on doors in Montgomery County to canvass for the union’s endorsed candidates. At the August Stewards’ Seminar, Local 1994 honored those members for their contribution to Local 1994’s political program.

Stewards and members who participated were: Melanie Ballard, Noel Bassett, Bev Bierman, Jerry Bonaparte, Aisha Brown, Gregory Carrington, Melba Chavarria, Thomas Coulter, Aaron Crawford, MacDonald Davis, Joe Dickson, Paulette Dudley, Audra Dugue, Linda Foley, Summer Gratia, EJ Haapala, Steve Harrell, Cassandra Harper, Bernadette Hope, Wayne Ireland, Tonette Leary, Kermit Leibensperger (and his wife), Sarah Lewis, Michael Maletta, Jeffrey Noel-Nosbaum, Willie Oaks, Cassandra Pollard, Ja Rowe, Lawrence Robertson, Radcliffe Scarlett, John Smoak, Michael Taylor, Mike Trigiani, and Katie Wiltshire.

Volunteers are needed for the weeks leading up to the general election. To volunteer, fill out the form below.


Local 1994 Members and Stewards participated in canvassing for political candidates this spring.




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