Bargaining Agreement Reached in Montgomery County

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We are happy to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement with Montgomery County.

Highlights of the two year agreement include:

  • A general wage adjustment
  • Service increments for employees not at top of grade
  • Wage scale enhancements
  • Increases in tool and shoe allowances
  • Use of recreation facilities and aquatic centers free of charge
  • Increases in tuition assistance

…and more
Specifics of the current deal will be mailed to members’ homes in the coming days. Dates for ratification meetings will be included in the mailed packets and will be sent via email.

We would like to thank bargaining team members and alternates who worked hard and stood united throughout these particularly tough negotiations to get the best agreement possible: Beverley Bierman, Bob Lehman, Brenda Hartwig, Carlos Taylor, Cassandra Harper, Conor Toole, Erik Perry, Gilberto Zelaya, James Rowe, Jeffrey Noel- Nosbaum, John Smoak, Jose Rivera, Linda Foley, Mark Thorn, Mike Trigiani, Nancy Austin, Navette Blades, Nick Knowleton, Patricia Mitchell, and Thomas Soileau.

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