Executive Board

Photo of Gino Renne Gino Renne President

For over 35 years, from the time he began his career as a correctional officer, Gino has been on the front line commanding respect for government workers. He was the driving force for establishing collective bargaining for Montgomery County workers in 1984. With a mix of passion and toughness, Gino has led the union through political and legislative battles, at the bargaining table and in the media.…

Photo of Yvette Cuffie Yvette Cuffie Secretary-Treasurer

As a MoCo community health nurse for more than 30 years, Yvette was in on the ground floor at the creation of Local 1994, serving as a shop steward in the Division of Family Health Services (HHS). She moved up the ladder to become an Executive Vice President in 1993 and then elected as the first female Secretary-Treasurer of any UFCW local.…

Photo of Frank Beckham Frank Beckham Vice President
(301) 565-7324


Photo of Beverley Bierman Beverley Bierman Vice President
Photo of Marjorie Brown-Nelson Marjorie Brown-Nelson Vice President
Photo of Melba Chavarria Melba Chavarria Vice President
Photo of Aaron Crawford Aaron Crawford Vice President
Photo of Joe Dickson Joe Dickson Vice President
Photo of Cassandra Harper Cassandra Harper Vice President
Photo of Paulette Kee-Dudley Paulette Kee-Dudley Vice President
Photo of Ja Rowe Ja Rowe Vice President
Photo of John Smoak John Smoak Vice President
Photo of Michael Trigiani Michael Trigiani Vice President
Photo of Dr. Gilberto Zelaya Dr. Gilberto Zelaya Vice President