Gaithersburg, Md. – Montgomery County’s Ride-On bus service is short 60 drivers right now thanks to salary inequity between the Ride-On service and bus service operated by the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA), said the union representing Ride-On’s drivers. The crisis could be exacerbated if any more drivers leave service, which is expected to happen if the salary inequity is not repaired. The County Executive’s office is seeking a special appropriation from the County Council to bump up salaries and address the recruitment and retention crisis.
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May 12, 2022


Local 1994 Members Rally Against Local Laboratory

Urging Against Use of Taxpayer Money to Fund Cruel and Inhumane Treatment of Animals


Gaithersburg, Md.  –  Taxpayer dollars should not fund jobs that require employees to violate the Animal Welfare Act, said members of Local 1994. Members plan to join other activists in a rally outside Inotiv, a laboratory that conducts research on animals in Gaithersburg and is planning on expanding into Rockville. The lab expansion may receive economic development funding from both Montgomery County and the State of Maryland, including a $50,000 grant from Montgomery County and a $372,000 forgivable loan from Maryland. 


Local 1994 members are joining Senator Ben Kramer and the Humane Society of the United States to urge the State and County to rescind financial assistance they have granted Inotiv. 


WHEN: Friday, May 13 at 11:30 a.m.    

WHERE: 9601 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, Maryland


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Local 1994 represents 8,000 public employees in Montgomery County, Prince George's County and beyond. From its inception, UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO has fought to protect workers’ rights, negotiate fair wages and protect safety and security of workers. 

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