Sick Leave Bank Assessment
October 11, 2019
To: All MCGEO Sick Leave Bank members
Re: Special Assessment
Thank you for your participation in the UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO Sick Leave Bank. The sick leave bank has been very successful this year. Over 4,000 members have enrolled and members facing serious medical issues have been able to receive paychecks because this valuable benefit is available to the SLB members. 
Currently, our balance is on track to go below 1,000 hours later this month. Therefore, in accordance with the Sick Leave Bank policy a one-time additional contribution of sick leave will be deducted on your October 25, 2019, paycheck. However, due to year-end close out the assessment will only be 4-hours. If you do not have sufficient leave accrued, leave will be deducted as it accrues. 
NOTE: If you received this notice but you are no longer a MCGEO union member (job transfer, promotion, etc.) please contact Payroll at to ensure this additional assessment will not impact you. 
The Sick Leave Bank will continue to provide sick leave hours to members as needed based on the normal procedures outlined in the sick leave bank policy to ensure members who require assistance with paid leave during a sustained period of illness and or incapacity will receive salary continuation. 
Thanks again for your participation, patience, and understanding. If you have questions regarding the 2nd assessment policy agreement please contact your union office at @ 301- 977-2447 or email