Brothers and Sisters,

As you may have heard by now, an incident transpired between your Union and the Office of Eligibility and Support Services Management at the Germantown office on Thursday, June 13th, 2019.

On the date in question, I directed my staff to visit the Germantown UpCounty Regional Services Center, as Management had unilaterally implemented a policy related to the use of whiteboards for timekeeping purposes without notifying your Union of this change (which is a violation of your Union contract.) As the Department failed to provide us notice of this change, I told my staff to take these boards down, bring them to management, and let them know that your Union was ready to bargain over this change pursuant to Article 39.1 “Notice of Work Rule Change” of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  

Shortly after my staff completed this task, it was brought to my attention that Management sent an email to our membership, stating that if they had not put the boards back up by the close of business then they would be disciplined. Once I was made aware of this email, I immediately instructed my staff to head back to the Germantown UpCounty Regional Services Center, and again remove these boards from the workplace. When my staff arrived, they were quickly confronted by Management, who aggressively and inappropriately confronted my staff, and denied their access to the worksite.

This incident (while unfortunate) presents us with an opportunity to work in partnership with the County Executive and his leadership team in order to change the current Montgomery County work culture to one that values, supports, and respects our members as the professionals that you are. To that end, please feel empowered to contact your Union and bring to light any workplace issues or concerns that you may have.

Your Union is committed to addressing these matters until they’re resolved.

In Solidarity,

Gino Renne

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