Dear ,
The first version of this email had some muddy language. The clarified language is in red below. 
The County Council voted to 7-2 to fund the compromise wage agreement. 
The terms of the new agreement are:
- 2.25% general wage adjustment, effective first full pay period after December 8.  
- 3.5% increment for employees not-at top-of-grade on their anniversary date. 
- $1000 top-of-grade lump sum bonus — effective the first full pay period after July 1. 
- The FY11 increment, 1% after first full pay period in January 2020, 1.25% in July 2020, and 1.25% in July 2021.
We are disappointed that the County Council did not fund our agreement as originally negotiated and submitted in the County Executive’s budget, but your activism did pay off. You and your coworkers attended the Council’s meetings and sent emails and, because of that, we were able to stave off cuts that members of the council were advocating. They wanted to limit you to only a 2% gwa, no top of grade bonus and no FY11 increment. 
Councilmembers Reimer and Freidson were the “nay” votes on this package, FYI. They voted no because they believed you deserved less. They said the cuts to this reduced wage package did not go far enough and were not sustainable. 
We won’t forget.