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Something is happening in Annapolis tomorrow, and we need your help. There will be an important vote on the Country Club Bill MC 27-19 (, so today is your last chance to let your voice be heard.

Under an old law, country clubs get a luxurious tax loophole. Regardless of how much their property is actually worth, club owners can claim that each acre of their real estate is only $1,000. That's right. Even if an acre of their land is valued at a million dollars, they're only paying taxes as if it were worth a grand.

In other words, under this old law, you could pay more tax on your home than club owners pay for a golf course.

Imagine if you could scratch out your home's real price and pay tax only on the first thousand dollars. That's what Maryland country club owners get to do every tax season.

It's time to bring our laws up to date. There's no excuse for carve outs that let some of the biggest landowners underpay their taxes. It’s particularly galling and disgusting to keep cutting these breaks when our public services (public safety, social services, and the libraries) are being forced to make cuts.

, can you please take a moment to call or write to your delegates and senator and tell them to vote in favor of the Country Club bill tomorrow? You can find your legislators here: 

Thank you for all you do, . You taking a moment today can help us make Maryland a little fairer.

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