Union & Park and Planning Commission Agree to 5th Covid MOU

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Local 1994 has signed its 5th Memorandum of Understanding with the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission dealing with Covid-related issues. This temporary MOU, valid from October 4 through November 28, awards four hours of paid time off (PTO) per pay period (2 hrs per week) for members working over 20 hours per week; one hour of PTO for members working up to 20 hours a week. It also advances 80 hours additional sick leave to members who have been quarantined due to COVID.

Most importantly: the Commission has emphasized importance of maintaining CDC guidelines. If you see anything in the work environment that violates those guidelines, let us know. We will bargain for the next MOU when necessary.

Any questions can be directed to your field representative John Barry at 202-251-0865 or to the Union office at 301-977-2447.

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