Stewards and Leaders Stress Power of Montgomery County Election at Seminar

The upcoming Montgomery County Executive race took front and center in opening discussions at the mid August Shop Stewards’ Seminar, with many o...

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Canvassers Honored at Shop Stewards Seminar

For the weeks leading up to the primary election, teams of Local 1994 members ventured out to knock on doors in Montgomery County to canvass for the u...

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Stewards Training Combines Seminar-Style Learning With Discussion Panels

Local 1994 Shop Stewards came together in mid August for training in a new format. Field Representatives and other staff created a seminar-style envir...

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AFLAC is coming! 

AFLAC will be visiting your worksites over the next couple of months. Do we owe you money?  Explore benefits only available through your union members...

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Library Employees Reclass Raises Pay for Hundreds of Members

Library employees at PGCMLS won reclassifications that will raise wages for hundreds of Local 1994 members by nearly a million dollars per year.

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Union Ends Wage Compression for Mechanics

The union created a separate wage scale for mechanics that will place both incumbent members and new hires on a wage scale commensurate with the relev...

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Mechanics Re-classification at DGS Saves Jobs, Increases Pay 

Mechanics in the Montgomery County Department of General Services secured reclassifications that will raise wages but also create a new promotional op...

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Member Reinstated After Wrongful Termination

Department of Liquor Control member Antoinette Addison won reinstatement to her position and more than a years’ worth of back pay, back leave, and oth...

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HHS Member Has Leave Restored

On April 11, 2018, HHS bargaining unit member Melissa Ferguson asked management if she would be able to receive Administrative Leave for attendance at...

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FMCS Training Ordered in Office of Eligibility and Support Services and Department of Liquor Control

Member Maria Estrada changed the work environment in the Office of Eligibility and Support Services. Management has been ordered to undergo sensitivit...

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