Free College for Local 1994 Members & Families*

Local 1994 members and their families can now earn an accredited degree online through Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) with no out-of-pocket costs for tuition or books. First enrollment deadline is August 18. DEADLINE EXTENDED TO AUGUST 23! Earn an associates...

AFLAC Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is here!!! AFLAC WILL BE ON SITE FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! Please call Ryan to set up an on-site visit: (443) 497-0527 Claims: 1800-99-AFLAC AFLAC MCGEO Video

Results are In | Elections of Officers

Last week, Local 1994 held its officers’ election for the two OPT spots (Montgomery County) that were contested on the Executive Board. We’re proud to announce that Ja Rowe, a member from the Department of Corrections, and Bob Lehman, from the Montgomery County...