Council Unanimously Votes to Approve CBA

Congratulations! In a unanimous vote, the Montgomery County Council voted this morning to approve your new Collective Bargaining Agreement. In additio...

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GO Committee Votes to Approve Mont. Co. CBA

This is what SOLIDARITY looks like. The Government Operations Committee voted to approve the Montgomery County Collective Bargaining Agreement today. ...

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Tentative Agreement Reached on Wage Reopener for M-NCPPC

Congratulations! We have reached a tentative agreement on your wage reopener! The agreement calls for a 5% increase overall – 3.5% merit increas...

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UFCW International Scholarship Program

Every year the UFCW SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM offers scholarships to UFCW members or their immediate family members who want to further their education and ...

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Local 1994 Public Safety Officers in Montgomery County Win Property Tax Credit in State Legislature

Public safety officers in Montgomery County will now be eligible for a property tax credit in the County up to $2,500 per year thanks to new legislati...

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