They’re your neighbors, and they have been on the frontlines of this pandemic since day one …

From police officers and firefighters to public health nurses, combatting the Coronavirus in Montgomery County has been a team effort since day one. The latest efforts have focused on delivering vaccinations at the Montgomery College mass vaccination site in Gaithersburg. Montgomery County’s police officers directing traffic, County crossing guards helping people safely arrive, County professional firefighters and County employees from the Department of Health and Human Services have been manning the vaccination sites around the County in our search for a return to normalcy.


“The Pandemic has forced us into a complete transformation,” said public health nurse Nancy Austin, who used to work in the County schools pre-pandemic. “What was our jobs – caring for school children – went away over a year ago. Instead, we’ve been working in shelters and at our jails. We’re working day, evening, and overnight rotations, 24 hours-a-day, instead of in 7-3 pm in our schools. We’re doing Covid testing out in our community.”


Nancy and many other DHHS employees transitioned out of their jobs, seamlessly, moving into roles to help manage the pandemic in the County. 


We thought you’d like to meet some of your neighbors who’ve been involved in these efforts.


At the top, is Crossing Guard Renee Yockelson. She has been with the County since ___. Before the pandemic forced closure of County Schools, Renee worked in the ___ area. Firefighter Elmo Urey (below top) works out of Station 22b. He has been a firefighter since December 2017. Public Health Nurse _____ has been with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services since ____. 

Police Officer Alexis Krantz graduated from the police academy last July 2020. She is assigned to the 5th District in the Germantown area. She was recently moved to the midnight shift and patrols in Clarksburg and Damascus.