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Light Duty Review Committee

Light Duty Review Committee

MCGEO and OHR are seeking a Light Duty Review Committee representative from the Department of Health and Human Services to serve on our Light Duty Review Committee. Light duty is defined as temporary work that is less vigorous and physical than the work the employee...

Montgomery County Member Benefit: The Total Rec Pass

Montgomery County is promoting the health and well being of its qualifying employees by encouraging participation in activities that can reduce stress and/or enhance fitness by offering the Total Rec Pass ... free! The Total Rec Pass is valid for one year and allows...

“Optics” over Principles

Over the years, lots of Councilmembers have said “sacrifices” we’ve made are more than we should expect to bear. That sacrifices need to be shared. That hasn’t stopped them from continuing to abuse us, while taking home a 17 percent raise themselves. With the...

Sick Leave Bank 2019 – Montgomery County Bargaining Unit

Sick Leave Bank 2019 – Montgomery County Bargaining Unit

TO: MCGEO Members FROM: Office of Human Resources MCGEO UFCW Local 1994 DATED: November 13, 2018 The SLB continues to be a great success. To date, the 2018 SLB has 4,551 members and has been able to assist members who met the criteria for using SLB hours. The SLB...

Welcome New Executive Board Member Beverly Bierman

Welcome New Executive Board Member Beverly Bierman

Health and Human Services Steward Bev Bierman has been appointed to the Executive Board to fill out the term of Tara Huber. Huber left her current position to take a job in the Mental Health Court which makes it difficult to continue as a Vice President. “We’re happy...

Volunteer to Canvass

The election this November is going to be significant - and the race for Montgomery County Executive promises to be close. Can you join us in persuading your Union Brothers and Sisters to get out and vote?

Union Ends Wage Compression for Mechanics

The union created a separate wage scale for mechanics that will place both incumbent members and new hires on a wage scale commensurate with the relevant experience as mechanics. The new wage scale is designed to end wage compression that was caused by hiring new...


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